A small war is going on and is affecting my daily life maybe you are getting sucked into this too.

I am talking about two great companies @amazon and @Google and about the war between primevideo / youtube & firestick / chromecast.

The inability to cast primevideo directly without mirroring is crippling the experience and watching youtube in a browser on firestick is bad enough.

Before you tell me there are work around for this limitation, I already know how to circumvent this issue.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Your TV With Chromecast

But these are limitations in really good products.

Start of War

It's been going on for more than couple of years now and doesn't seem to end in near future.


This war has reduced Amazon to a biased market place and made Google at least some evil.

Let's rephrase

If we look at it closely it's not the decision of companies but individuals running these companies.

When we see these decisions as company names it becomes a strategic decision but once we put a human face over it this becomes a choice taken by the people running these companies.

Start with the customer competitor and work backwards. - Bezos

Is Bezos Sir really running the most costumer friendly company ? Is current day Google has moved from its predecessors philosophy. Does Pichai Sir really believes technology is not enough ?

Larry refused to even use the B-word—because "branding" implied that technology alone was insufficient for success.
- Excerpt From: Edwards, Douglas. “I'm Feeling Lucky.”

What kind of learning is this ?

Why did I highlight this issue / inconvenience and made it a big deal ?

If one of the most intelligent beings (@JeffBezos and @sundarpichai) on this planet are not able to sort out an issue based on either ego/business/shareholders benefit so how we can even think to solve bigger and more important problems like hunger, cancer etc when everything just boils down to money.

Maybe Amazon and Google are mature enough to know where to draw the line in competition but what about the new generation entrepreneurs when their actions are based on the fact that everything is fair in business and the world's greatest are setting examples like these.

We already let Theranos survive for a decade. Will new business/entrepreneurs be able to know where to draw the line ?

Let me win

Let's try to figure out what will happen if both of the you gentlemen backed down.

Even if one of you lost the final game do you really want to believe that it was because of marketing or business strategy.

Or should you start accepting that there could be a possibility that the product was not that superior you thought it is.

A lot of good product fail because of strategic issues but very few fail if they actually deliver real value to customers.

Let's not be defined by this fight and governed by our competitor.

Let the best product win.

Let the best team win.

Let the customer win.

Let the people win.